About Us

At Kool Gadgets we love Gadgets; all of them. From smartphones and tablets to toys and Bluetooth accessories, headphones and all the way through to the humble cable, we believe technology can change your life and are just as passionate as you are.

We started Kool Gadgets Limited for numerous reasons. The most important reason is we love gadgets and the internet, so it just seemed natural to combine the two with this website.

Kool Gadgets was born in Birmingham, UK in 2010 by few friends who started selling Mobile Phones and accessories on a small scale to the public on stalls then eventually on the internet through various sites. All friends had full time jobs and selling gadgets was their passion which was done only weekends and spare time. As the passion grew so did the number of products on sale and now it has become a need to fulfil the public through our own home page.

We love discovering, reviewing and bringing you the newest and most exciting pieces of kit from the world’s leading technology manufacturers, as well as from other names who you may not know so well, but who have awesome gadgets we know you’ll love. See our products to find something perfect for you and see our blog to find out more about Kool Gadgets.