Classic Jokes Range Joke Box 5 Classic Practical Pranks


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20cm box
Whoopee Cushion 21cm
Snappy Chewing Gum 8cm
Squirt Ring 8cm
Hand Buzzer 4cm
Creepy-Crawly Ice Cubes 4cm
Kit able to be hung on Euro Hook, or sat on shelf
Part of the Classic Jokes range

A bumper box of tricks for the apprentice mischief-maker. The most renowned examples from our Classic Jokes range are included: The Whoopee Cushion is produced in the characteristic mauve pink colour, so it appears no different to those used over fifty years ago; Happening upon the pair of ‘partially melted’ Creepy-Crawly Ice Cubes in a drink is bound to elicit a sharp intake of breath; The Squirt Ring is attached to a water-filled bulb that, hidden in the fist and then squeezed, causes the ring to squirt a jet of water; The Hand Buzzer is a simple clockwork mechanism secreted in the palm to deliver a vibrating ‘shock’ within a friendly handshake; The Snappy Chewing Gum appears innocent enough, until the tempting stick is removed to release a mouse-trap-like snap.

A practical joke for every opportunity!


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