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Crossbow Stryker Target 


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Set your target, adjust your aim and……!! Improve your accuracy as well as your archery skills with this handheld crossbow. If you enjoy shooting at targets, whether they be tin cans or giant bulls-eyes, you can get your Robin Hood fix with this Stealth Crossbow from Petron. This really is the king of all outdoor projectile sets, as it can fire up to an impressive 20 meters (60ft) with pin point accuracy. Comes complete with 12 sucker tip, soft, stealth darts to fire with. The sucker tip allows the darts to stick to your target so you prove to everyone that you hit the target with your deadly accuracy. Additionally the back of the packaging features a printed target for you to aim at, so you can practice to become the ultimate crossbow wielder! The crossbow features an easy-to-use quick pullback mechanism for you to load the darts and a flexible trigger for you to easily fire with, as well as a clear sight to look down the crossbow with. This crossbow is extremely robust and well built and it’s hand held design makes it perfectly manageable to walk with in one hand (if you want to walk away from the target in true movie style!). The crossbow is for ages 14+ and measures approximately 56cm in length


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