In-Ear Mini Stereo Bluetooth wireless Earphone Headset Headphones for iPhone HTC Samsung


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Product Description

In-Ear Mini Stereo Music Smallest Wireless Bluetooth Phone Calling Handsfree Headset Earpiece Headphone Earphone With Mic

All Smartphones (iPhones, Samsung, HTC etc)

Tiny – 21 mm in Diameter
Portable & Useful

Black and White is stock. Email ar checkout what colour you want or we will send random

Features :

High performance Mono Bluetooth headset
Type: In-Ear Bluetooth headset
Allows you to conveniently answer calls while driving
Supports any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and devices.
Freely switches between music and calls
Compact size for ease of use
Soft in ear. Earbud design, comes with a ear-hook.
Only 21mm in diameter, portable and useful. Easy to carry.

Specification :

Type: In-Ear Mono Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth Version V3.0
Bluetooth Profile: Hands-free, A2DP
Operating Range: Up to 10 m
Compatibility: Bluetooth digital devices
Connector – USB
Size Approx 26mm x 21mm x 21mm
Please note stereo does not mean stereophonic sound, which is produced with 2 separate speakers

How to Setup:

1. Before you start using the headset, please use the USB charger cable to charge first.
2. Fpr pairing, press the power button of the headset for 3 – 8 seconds until you see the blue-red light blinking alternately or hear a beep.
3. Make sure you turned on the bluetooth on your phone, search headset model on it. (The headset supports the laptop which with built-in bluetooth adapter or inserted in a third party bluetooth adapter)
4. Select the Bluetooth model and click connect. (Enter the password or code 0000 if needed.)
5. When the connection is successful, the headset will beep and appears in your Phone menu.
6. To switch off, hold the power button for 3 seconds or until you see the red light or hear a beep.

Button positions :

The bluetooth symbol is POWER/ CALLING button.

POWER ON/ OFF : To turn on, long press the POWER button for about 3 seconds until you see the BLUE light flashing. To turn off, long press the POWER button for about 3 seconds until you see the RED light flashing for about 3 times.

PARING MODE : When you first time use your device to pair with the headset, just long press POWER key for about 3- 4 seconds until you see the LED indicator alternates between RED and BLUE lights, which means you can find it’s ID(mini-a) on your device. Then choose the ID, your device will pair with the headset automatically. Enter 0000(or 8888) as the pairing password if needed. If your device has paired with the headset successfully, next time you just need to turn on the headset and then your device will pair with it automatically.

CALLING MODE: Double press the POWER button to re-dial the last phone call. Briefly press POWER to hang off.

Package Includes:

* 1 x Mini Stereo Music Bluetooth Earphone
* 1 x USB Cable
* 1 x Ear-hook

Please write in buyers notes during check out which colour you would like, if no colour is selected then random colour will be dispatched.


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