Kids Star light Projector Baby Room Autism Sensory Moon Starlight Night Sky Toy


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kids Starlight projector Baby room autism sensory star Moon night Sky light Toy

A beautiful Starlight Projector Perfect for any kids room.

Small projector unit that projects a starry sky across the ceiling.

The top of the unit is covered in specially shaped holes that sit above a light, allowing it to shine

through the gaps and make stars and a crescent moon appear on the surface immediately

above the projector.

The device itself is purple with a starry design on the top that closely resembles the projected

light patterns.


Moon and stars projector

Projects starry scene directly above

Purple case with starry design

Requires 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)

Top Quality Licensed Products

Our awe-inspiring Kids Star Light Projector is perfect night time companion for your little runt and turn their bedroom into sky full of stars and constellations which can mesmerize any kid and adult as well. Device is a small, purple color full of starry design that resembles the pattern it reflects.

You can put the kid to bed and leave this glowing wonder on. Top part of the device is entirely covered with shaped holes that projects starry sky on the ceiling. It has a calming nightlight effect and run only on 4*AA battery.

Kids Star Light Projector is undoubtedly one of the best present for your little angel. Place your order today and bring a smile on the face of your kiddo!

One special quality about our newest generation Kids Star Light Projector which separates it from the rest is the vast number of colorful scenes to mimic which help to achieve the calming effect. Our product is fully licensed which solidifies it’s credibility & make it safe to use!


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