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Do you enjoy working in a stuffy office with no windows on a hot summer’s day? When the temperature reaches anything above 20 it becomes a bit unbearable. Well your in the right place This super cool clock is here to wipe that sweat off your brow (not literally, but it could prevent this ever happening). Plug the LED Clock Fan into any USB port and it will power the fan to send a cool breeze your way. As the fan blades are spinning, the cleverly aligned red and green LED’s clearly display the time on a standard analog clock face, with moving hour, minute and second hands. The soft fan blades provide super safe use, even if you accidentally fall into the spinning blades fingers first, it won’t hurt but it will create an interesting noise!This clock fan with special blades creates a LED clock face! Suitable for office, school, home and so on Display the time on the blades as they spin

– With 2 special soft blades. It creates LED clock display function. The clock will keeping the right time even the fan is not working.
– USB powered fan. LED clock face appears on spinning blades . Displays hour, minute and seconds hands.
– Plug in and go, no installation. On/off switch. Press and hold on/off switch to set time. Blades made from PVC plastic. Red and green LED’s create clock face.
– Keeps time even after being removed from USB port.Simply plug into any USB socket, no need driver to setup or battery to power.
– Flexible goosneck can be adjusted to andy directions and angles. With integrated stand and 1.1m long USB cable.

USB powered fan with stand

Displays hour, minute and seconds hands

Adjust direction

No batteries required

Closed box packaging


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