Lexibook Powerman/Woman JNR Educational Robot Remote Control ROB20EN


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Product Description

  • Control Powerman jnr in all directions with the remote
  • Interactive – Robot who speaks, sings dance, plays music with lots of sound and light effects!
  • Education – Answer his riddles adapted to 4-7 years and become unbeatable on numbers, animals and many other fascinating themes!
  • Story Talk – Check out POWERMAN®’s fabulous La Fontaine Fables and hilarious jokes
  • Remote Control – Powerman control, forward, backward, right, left, it moves in all directions!
  • Power supply: 5 LR6 / AA batteries for the robot (not included) + 2 LR6 / AA batteries for the remote control
  • (not included).
  • FUN – He launches foam discs! Register and he will repeat everything you say with his robot voice!
  • Controllable in all directions thanks to its remote control.
  • Educational quiz about animal sounds
  • Programming function to create movement sequences and even create new dances by adding music.
  • She reads people’s mind thanks to his artificial intelligence. The kid can think about an animal, POWERGIRL
  • JR. will ask him basic questions with yes/no answers, and the robot will guess the animal.
  • Plays music and dance.
  • Playback function with his funny robot voice. POWERGIRL JR. will memorize and reuse later what has been taught to him.
  • Karaoke function to create songs by recording a message that the robot will repeat while singing and dancing.
  • Amazing sound and light effects.
  • Power supply: 3 x AA robot & 2 x AA remote (not included)
    POWERGIRL® JR., my 1st smart interactive robot! She knows all animals on Earth and can even guess them with its artificial intelligence!


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