Magic Hat Bumper Box of Tricks

Magic Hat Bumper Box of Tricks


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This large boxed kit includes lots of classic magic tricks – not least pulling a rabbit out of a hat – along with many others that are less well-known (and consequently even more impressive!) The detailed 76 page instruction book takes the Apprentice Magician step-by-step through each of the 125 tricks, using the 50+ magical props (pictured), including card, ring, rope, dice, puzzle and coin tricks. Everything to stage a complete magic show is included, right down to the essential magic wand, and there is even a handy drawstring bag to keep everything tidy when not in use. This is an attractive and imposing line on shelf that can take the central, high value position of a broader magic range – check out our other Apprentice Magician lines for some great ‘supporting acts’.

  • Magic Hat 27cm
  • Perform 125 tricks
  • Equipment includes 50+ magical props: rings, rope, card case, dice boxes, spring puzzle, 4 thimbles, 4 cups,
  • balls, coin paddle, sponge squirrels, sponge rabbit, magic cards, false thumb, colour-changing stick, arrow
  • puzzle and magic wand
  • Drawstring storage bag
  • 76 page instruction book
  • Part of the Apprentice Magician range of magic tricks
  • Display size W26 x H30.5 x D16.5cm


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