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Miniature 2.4G remote control quadcopter from Syma. This small RC flyer measures just 7cm in length, making it one of our smallest flying toys. It comes equipped with a gyro detection stabiliser and the latest 6-axis flight control systems to give it complete freedom of movement. The intuitive controller makes it easy to fly, with simple controls as well as a high speed switch and a button that allows it to perform a roll in the air. Including a USB charging cable, this small RC quadcopter is ready to fly after a 50 minute charge.

Syma X12 RC quadcopter
6-axis control systems
Gyro stabilisation technology
High speed toggle switch
Can perform mid-air roll
Charges in 50 to 60 minutes
Six to eight minute flight time
Includes USB charging cable
Requires x AA batteries
7cm long


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