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Turbo Loopers


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Hold the Turbo Loopers power and speed in the palm of your hand. These small USB powered but amazingly fast stunt cars come with a connector cable and clear plastic speed bowl, offering you multiple gameplay options.

If you have 2 of these speedsters, you could race them or connect them with the clip on cables and watch them whiz into a daredevil spin. Take your racing to new heights by putting your Turbo Looper into the speed bowl and have it perform gravity-defying loops.

With light-up effects and 3 bright coloured Loopers, these amazing stunt cars may not be big but they certainly make and impact.

  • Assorted colours – please note that these colours are chosen for you at random
  • Colours – Blue, Red and Green (you will receive one of these colours)
  • Compatible with other Turbo Loopers
  • Super-fast, self-propelled car
  • Has brilliant light-up effect
  • Includes Speed Bowl for loop-the-loop action
  • Charges via USB, charging stick included 40 minutes charge time and 30 minutes run time.International
  • Buyers, should this item require an electrical source please note that the item will be fitted with a UK 3 pin plug and require a power source of 230/240 volts 50/60hz. It is the buyers responsibility to source any adaptors
  • necessary for the item to function correctly in its end country of use.


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