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Sohi Ball Extreme bouncing water sport ball for beach


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The aqua agile ball that bounces on water at incredible speed! Forget playing Frisbee in groups in the pool or at the beach. This hackey-sack sized wonder bounces off water at an alarming speed. An invention solely dedicated to larking about in water! The Sohi Extreme is the original Sohi ball and offers the most extreme fun for adventures wherever there is water! It’s bounce is wild, high, fast, and very very far! Watch it bounce 7+ times on the water after one throw!

The Sohi Extreme is the most versatile of the Sohi balls and works great in all open water conditions. Try bouncing it on a puddle, a pond, the ocean, lake, river, water fountain…you get the idea. Don’t leave home without it! When playing in the ocean, bounce it off a wave and watch it go 10+ feet in the air!


  • Jumps to over 40 feet on water
  • Game play directions in the box Does not jump on ground
  • Made of Lycra providing a good touch and feel
  • Patented unique ball
  • Please note that colours may vary


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